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Homeowner Stories

Paint Rollers in Green, Red, Orange and Blue

Our success isn’t just about building the house - it’s about who’s living inside! Learn more about the families whose lives have transformed since becoming Habitat homeowners.

Meet Kiara

Kiara always wanted to provide a permanent and safe home environment for her young daughter. In 2018, Kiara decided to make her dream a reality by applying for a Habitat home through PCHFH. On why she chose Habitat’s program, she stated: “I want my daughter to have it better than I did growing up. She deserves that.” Kiara’s new home was constructed in partnership with Clemson University students in 2019. 

Meet Samantha

Samantha was going to do whatever it took to own her own home. That meant sometimes riding her bike in the rain to the work site to complete her Sweat Equity hours. These days, she is proud of the hard work it took to become a homeowner and encourages others to take the same steps. 

Meet Ken

Ken’s Habitat home provided him with more than just a safe and affordable space to live. His new home gave him bright light and a porch where he could exercise his great talent: watercolor and oil paintings.

Meet Melinda

Melinda and her son lived in an unsafe neighborhood. They never felt comfortable having guests over to visit. Their new Habitat home gave them the opportunity to feel safe and secure enough to develop friendships, have sleepovers and host Bible studies at home.