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Pickens Habitat brings people together to build community! Since 1981, we've helped neighbors achieve the safety and security that can be found in affordable homeownership. We couldn't do this without the help of our local community and caring partners.

Read on to learn more about the impact we've made through the years with the help of generous donors and dedicated volunteers.


Out and About: Habitat Presents to the City of Liberty

At Pickens County Habitat for Humanity (PCHFH), we believe that collaboration and strategic partnerships are key to tackling the affordable housing challenges facing our communities. That's why we were excited by the opportunity to speak with the City of Liberty's leadership on March 11th and open a conversation centered on identifying innovative housing solutions and partnerships that expand our impact.

The need for affordable homeownership options in Liberty is clear. With a median household income of $41,898 and over 20% of families living below the poverty line, many hard-working residents struggle to attain the dream of owning their own home. This is compounded by rapidly rising housing costs – the median listing price in February 2024 was $284,000, reflecting an 18.5% year-over-year increase.

While these statistics may seem daunting, we are inspired by the City of Liberty's openness to exploring partnership opportunities with PCHFH. As our Interim Executive Director discussed with the city council, combining our organization's expertise in affordable housing development with the city's resources and localized knowledge can unlock transformative possibilities.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that partnerships between nonprofit organizations like PCHFH and local municipalities can be mutually beneficial. We bring our time-tested model of engaging volunteers, donors, and community partners to construct high-quality, affordable homes. In turn, cities that collaborate with us not only increase their affordable housing supply but can also access benefits such as increased state and federal funding opportunities, widespread positive recognition, and a boost in community morale.

Moreover, our partnerships offer a unique opportunity to streamline processes and reduce administrative costs for all parties involved. By aligning our efforts, we can maximize efficiency and ensure that more resources are directed towards the critical work of building homes and empowering families.

To date, PCHFH has constructed 13 homes in and around the Liberty city limits, laying a strong foundation for further collaboration. However, we recognize that the journey towards ensuring affordable homeownership for all is an ongoing one, requiring continuous innovation and a steadfast commitment to serving our neighbors.

As we move forward, our focus extends beyond mere housing units. We are driven by a holistic vision of building thriving communities where every resident has the opportunity to achieve stability, self-reliance, and ultimately, the chance to thrive. Affordable homeownership is a catalyst for generational change, empowering families to break the cycle of poverty and create a legacy of hope for their children.

We are grateful for the City of Liberty's leadership in embracing this mission and their willingness to explore creative solutions alongside PCHFH. Together, we can open doors – both literal and figurative – for families who may have previously thought homeownership was out of reach.

Working in partnership represents more than just houses; it represents the collective power of a community united in the pursuit of equity, opportunity, and a brighter future for all. As we continue this conversation, we invite Liberty residents to stay tuned and join us in building a stronger, more inclusive community, one home at a time.