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Pickens Habitat brings people together to build community! Since 1981, we've helped neighbors achieve the safety and security that can be found in affordable homeownership. We couldn't do this without the help of our local community and caring partners.

Read on to learn more about the impact we've made through the years with the help of generous donors and dedicated volunteers.


Habitat Hero: Lura Godfrey's Passion for Building Homes and Dreams

Lura Godfrey sits at a table reviewing house plans with her father, PCHFH Board Member Bob DiAntonio

Lura Godfrey's ties with Pickens County Habitat for Humanity (PCHFH) exemplify the merging of family, faith, and community. Originating from Spartanburg, Lura's passion for architecture was honed at Clemson University, where she was introduced to the transformative Homecoming build. As the driving force behind LMG Architects, co-founded with her husband Mark, Lura's dedication to affordable housing is evident in both her professional and personal endeavors.

Family ties nudged Lura towards PCHFH. Initially introduced by her brother, Tom DiAntonio, the commitment soon caught on with their father, Bob, and subsequently, both Bob and Donna DiAntonio became pillars of the PCHFH Board. Recognizing Lura's passion for affordable housing, they looped her into the mission, leading her to contribute architectural designs for PCHFH projects.

“They know my passion for affordable housing, and I offered to help refresh/create some new plans for PCHFH to use on their builds,” Lura explained.

Lura's enthusiasm stems from a simple yet profound belief: everyone should have a haven to call home.

“I believe strongly that all people deserve to have a safe place to call home,” she said, adding ” …and it's especially empowering when they can own their own place—if they want to—and build some generational wealth to pass along to their family.”

This conviction, combined with the opportunity PCHFH provided for her to use her talents for a noble cause, fortified her commitment to the organization. According to Lura, “PCHFH allows me to use my specific skills and training as an architect to provide good design for those that will be able to have a PCHFH home!”

What stands out to her about the organization's work? “Giving each homeowner a chance to learn about financial stability, as well as help themselves and others have a step up. Each homeowner has to want this for themselves because it’s hard work! Hopefully, that desire and drive will allow each of them to start a new path for themselves, their families, and for generations to come.”

However, the journey isn't without its challenges. Lura hopes for PCHFH's continuous growth amidst escalating construction costs and the increasing number of non-profits vying for attention. But, inspired by her family's dedication, especially Tom and her parents, and Pastor Chris Heavner, she remains optimistic.

One Bible verse encapsulates Lura's dedication perfectly: John 13:34 - "Love one another as I have loved you!" While she may not always meet the homeowners or be physically present at the builds, she feels immense joy knowing that every drawing she sends over translates into a loving home for a deserving family.

Lura's message for prospective donors and volunteers is clear: With rising homeownership and construction costs, PCHFH is unwavering in its mission to offer homes to families at the most affordable price points. Your time, skills, and donations can make a monumental difference, bringing countless families closer to a safe and loving abode.